Top 5 Best ways to refresh your marketing strategy.

Welcome to Today we are going to talk about Top 5 Best ways to refresh your marketing strategy.

 If you’re looking to breathe new life into your marketing strategy, this article is for  you.

 It can be easy to feel stuck using the same messaging or the same tactics over and over. But, there are subtle ways to reinvigorate your advertising without reinventing the wheel.

 In today’s article, I’m going to outline five easy ways you can refresh your digital marketing strategy and improve campaign performance. 

5 Best ways to refresh your marketing strategy

 The first step is to Adjust Your Audience Targeting.

 The audience should be the cornerstone of any media plan, but that doesn’t mean your target should never change.

 To keep things fresh, periodically review your target audiences, see if you should make any tweaks or explore any untapped customer groups you could be reaching.

 If you work with a digital media agency like Coegi, we can build those audience persons by activating relevant first-, second-, and third party data sets across platforms.

 So, you can reach your audiences on channels where we know that they are engaged. 

The second step is to Keep Your Creative Fresh.

 Consumers are bombarded with ads every single day – so – what can you do to break through that clutter?

 A great place to start is to update creatives about every three to six months and then carefully monitor how often they’re being served.

 I’m sure you’ve felt the frustration of watching a show and then seeing the same ad on every single commercial break.

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 When an ad is served over and over like that to the same audience member, it actually creates what we call negative reach.

 So, rotate in new creatives and keep engaging content in front of your audience. If you’re not using video already, this is a perfect way to spruce up your ads.

 It’s attention-grabbing, engaging, versatile and shareable. We actually have a full article on these and other benefits of video – 

Article Link

Step 3 – which is: to Test Your Messaging.

 Take some time to look back and ask – is my message actually relatable to my audience?

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to constantly be coming up with new messaging. But you can take the creatives and copy you already have and test them to find the best combinations.

 A great way to do this is through simple A/B testing. See if headline A performs better than headline B – and then adjust from there.

 We also like to use artificial intelligence tools to find the best performing headline and creative pairs for different audience buckets.

 This step will let you use your best ads now to guide ads in the future, making each campaign stronger than the last one.

 Step 4, we’re going to zoom out from the campaign lens a little bit. 

This one is to Audit And Optimize Your Website User Experience.

 Now, this is an important one.

 If your advertising doesn’t match the messaging on your website, you’re going to confuse and then lose your customers.

 So, make sure your ads have cohesive messaging especially when they’re driving to a specific

landing page.

 This not only creates a positive user experience but also helps with relevancy so your ads

are prioritized by advertising algorithms.

When it comes to website design, make sure every page is mobile-friendly.

 Then, work to create a seamless user experience between your website pages and your advertisements

that’s going to guide your audience step by step to the point of purchase. I know that sounds vague.

 So to get started, we recommend using Google Analytics to understand how people are navigating  your website.

 From there, you can start making small adjustments based on where consumers are abandoning their journey with your brand.

Step 5: Be Bold – And Adopt Emerging Channels Early.

 In the marketing world, you never want to be a late adopter.

The early bird truly gets the worm in this case.

 Being an early adopter of high growth channels is a great way to keep an edge on your competitors – and also go with your audiences as they adopt new channels.

 To make this a priority, set aside a portion of your marketing budget for testing new platforms.

Then, get your toes wet by running one or two test campaigns and see how your audiences engage.

 Some emerging advertising channels. We’ve been using our clients with social platforms like TikTok, Twitch and Reddit – which are all great, especially for certain niche audiences.

 We’re also really excited about opportunities in programmatic audio and podcast ads – as

as well as micro-influencer partnerships and digital out of home.

 These are all tactics that a lot of competitors aren’t taking advantage of so it gives our clients a lot of white space and attention.

 So those are our 5 tips for refreshing your marketing strategy, I hope you’ve found them useful!

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